>We’re Here, Y’all!

24 Jan

>We actually got in yesterday, but we were in such a daze after everything that this is the first time where I don’t feel like my head is spinning! After missing our plane on Tuesday, getting a 1 1/2-ish-hour nap, then travelling all night and then home-hunting all day yesterday…well, it’s been an adventure!

Travelling with two children in the middle of the night wasn’t fun, but it went better than expected–at least my kids were not the ones screaming inconsolably on the airplane! My child WAS the one, however, who told a nice man in Louisiana that his teeth were gone. The man said, “Yeah, my teeth are all gone,” and Clark said, “Well, maybe you should get some more!” We then decided to have a nice dinner last night which Clark refused to eat and where Meredith discovered the joy of screaming. We were a little frazzled, to say the least.

Now, I can say this without getting a panicky phone call from my dad because I know he doesn’t read my blog, but we don’t necessarily feel 100% safe in our lovely extended stay hotel–it seems like a lot of super-classy-looking people have turned their visits into very extended stays (i.e. they live here). A bunch of shirtless men were playing hide and seek in our hallway last night. So, needless to say, our door is locked, bolted, and safety-latched and we’re hoping to get out of here sooner rather than later. We found a house that looks very promising yesterday (we’re going to see it in a little bit) and another one popped up in the newspaper this morning that I want to take a look at.

So that’s our update! I’m off to get dressed and am hoping the hide-and-seekers are asleep and hung over this morning when we leave our hotel room!


2 Responses to “>We’re Here, Y’all!”

  1. Hillary January 24, 2008 at 9:46 pm #

    >I’m so glad to hear you got there in one piece, even if you lost some brain cells in the process! 🙂 Good luck with the house hunt!!

  2. Sara January 25, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    >Yay you made it! Once you get settled in better we need to have a late-night chat so you can tell me all about it. Congrats on being an official southerner!

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