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29 Mar


I miss my little house in Provo so much it hurts. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true.

It’s so funny to me that the-place-that-shall-not-be-named was home to us for over 3 years, but I have never felt even the tiniest wince of sadness about leaving there. I so expected to be sad to go; I mean, we brought two babies home from the hospital there. But we finished cleaning, left the key on the counter, and were just kind of like, “See ya!”

But the “little yellow house,” as Clark calls it…I loved it. It was home. It was shelter from a very stormy time in our lives. I know I’ve said all of this before, but I guess this blog entry is more for me than anything.

So anyway, thanks for wallowing in a little self-pity with me. If you’re in Provo and you see my happy house, honk and wave for me!

>A Day in the Life…

27 Mar

>So yesterday, I went to Walmart for crusty rolls, milk, and bread. I came home with a wasp trap, some wasp spray, some face wash, and not a single thing I set out to buy. I did, however, also get a pack of gum. Because apparently, I can’t make a random trip to the store without buying a pack of gum.

Also, Clark got some little dinosaurs in his Easter basket and he was going through and asking which ones were nice and which ones were mean. I told him the meat-eaters were mean, but that the herbivorous ones were nice. Sam told him the meat-eaters weren’t mean, they were just doing what came naturally to them. Um, has he NOT seen Jurrasic Park?? Those raptors are man-hunters! Anyway, he went on to say that if Clark were a humanoid plant, he’d probably be scared of Brachiosaurus. Humanoid plant? Really?

And finally, I was helping Clark get dressed this morning and I was trying to get him to take his own pajama top off. He had his head about halfway of the neck hole and I said, “Good job, Clark, now just pull your head out!” So he let go of his pajama top, grabbed his head, and pulled.

I think Meredith just looks at us and wonder what she’s gotten herself into.

>Easter Pics of the Kidlets

25 Mar


So me having significantly more pictures of Meredith than Clark here is in no way a measurement of my love for them; Meredith just wanted to sit there and look cute and Clark wanted to play with sticks. Typical.

“Can I hear an AMEN??”

>This Just In: Terrible Flour Tragedy on the Island of Sodor; Bob the Builder Assists

25 Mar


So, in spite of all my griping about Clark’s boundary-pushing, he’s a really good kid. He’s never been a meddler. Or a mess-maker. Or a climber. Those are just things I don’t even think about anymore because he doesn’t do them. So yesterday, when he informed me that he needed a cup and he’d be right back, I didn’t think anything of it.

Recently, I bought a 25-pound bag of flour. Yesterday, I used a bit of it and set the rest aside so I could put it in some Ziploc bags. Being the mother of a non-meddling, non-mess-making kid, I thought I could get away with it.

When I came into the dining room, this is what I found:

So I put the played-with flour into a plastic container for future use and it literally keeps him busy for hours. I just sent him outside to play with it on the deck (don’t worry, our yard’s fenced in and the door’s open) and he said, “If you need anything, if you need any money, just call for me, okay?” He’s a good kid.

>Happy Easter!

23 Mar


Happy Easter, everybody! I’ll post some Easter pics of the kids soon, but until then, here’s a message from the Easter Bunny:

>Tub Time

21 Mar


Hey, anyone want to buy a preschooler?? He pushed every limit and every button, and literally toed every line (standing on the time out mat, trying to see how close his toe could get to the floor before I took another train away). Sigh. I’m tired.

But he was cute in the bath tonight. He and Meredith sure love each other, even if it sometimes involves biting by one or more parties.

Splashing Big Brother. Not “Big Brother” Big Brother. We wouldn’t want Meredith to splash him/it/them.

>Holy Fricking Crap

18 Mar

>I just found a HUGE orange cockroach in my bathtub. I would have taken a picture, but it was so disgusting that I don’t ever want to see it again. You know the cockroaches from Enchanted (which, by the way, comes out on DVD today)? That was the cockroach in my tub. It was deadish (still twitching), making me think Sam killed it before he went to work this morning and left it where he always leaves things for me to deal with at a later time (the bathtub). So Mr. Cockroach got vacuumed up and I’m about to freak clean my house. Shudder shudder shudder. My skin is still crawling.

>I’m Officially "Don’t Eat the Paste" Special

15 Mar

>$10 if you get the reference. Okay, maybe not a real $10, but maybe $10 worth of long-distance phone calls!

How many times do I have to touch dryer lint with wet hands before I learn NOT to?! I swear, if I were a lab rat, I would have been let go a long time ago. And by “let go,” I don’t mean pink-slipped. Unless the pink slip involves a needle.

>I’m NOT Messing with the Video

14 Mar

>Every time I mess around with the video, something bad happens.

Poor Sam…He’s catching the brunt of my blogging jokes lately. But this is the consensus between all of my married friends: men are babies when they’re sick.

I don’t always watch videos on blogs, and I rarely post them, so you must realize that I’m very serious that you have to watch this!

14 Mar