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>Worst. Mom. Ever.

24 Sep

>So occasionally when Clark comes home from school, he has treats from his teacher in his school bag. I didn’t get a chance to look through his school bag today until both kids were down for a nap. As I was going through all his little art projects, I discovered a small Airhead (I don’t think I’ve liked Airheads since I was, like, 12) and a bag of animal crackers–and not even the good animal crackers, they were those cardboard animal crackers that come in giant bags. What did I do? I ate them. Gross treats that rightfully belong to my 3-year-old. To make me feel even MORE guilty, he just came looking for his school bag to see if there were any treats in there. Good thing I distracted him and slipped a Twinkie in there.


>A Sister Named Rum…

22 Sep

>So the other day, I went to Sonic (again, how many posts have started this way?) and my carhop was named Tequila. Maybe she has a brother named Vodka and a sister named Rum.

>You KNOW You Want This!

19 Sep

>So I was wandering through Walmart today (how many blog posts have I started like that??) when I stumbled across something, something that made me SO GLAD I have a camera on my new cell phone.

What is that, you ask? Let’s look a little closer, shall we?

That’s right. It appears to be a little negligee/panty set for the hunting crowd; in case you can’t tell, the background is grass and those brown things are dry leaves. Sex-y.

>I Love Tina Fey

16 Sep

>Seriously, I might become a lesbian for her. Kidding, Dad and Sam. But at the very least, I want to be her when I grow up! If you haven’t been watching 30 Rock, do it. Especially if you’re Arrested Development or thinking fans of The Office. If you watched it and didn’t like it, try it again–in particular, see if you can find the episode with Carrie Fisher from last fall or the season finale with Matthew Broderick. I’m not really a bust-a-gut-laughing-at-TV kind of girl, but seriously, I was sick when I watched the season finale and I literally couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. I think I might have to undergo serious therapy if it were to be cancelled.

ANYWAY, the reason for the post? Check out this video (if you haven’t already):

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

>Oh, My Gosh!

13 Sep


Yes, yes, I’m alive! It has just been such a busy week. After the hurricane last week and trying to get back into the swing of things this week, I’ve just felt a little off track, like I can’t get back into the groove of things. Clark did full-blown school this week, so I feel like a good portion of my time is spent juggling Meredith’s naps and his drop-off/pick-up schedule. It’s actually been a very hard thing for me to come to terms with; I feel so old, kind of like I’ve officially entered this stage of life that has always terrified me. I feel kind of like I’m losing my identity as I fall deeper and deeper into Mommyhood. And it’s not that I don’t absolutely love my kids! But oh, sometimes I long for my college days, when I spent hours in class and writing papers, analyzing and discussing literature. The other day, as I was looking for cute/inspirational/whatever quotes to use for our Enrichment Super Saturday, I found this one: “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” My old friend Sylvia Plath said that. And I had a little giggle because (and no disrespect to old Sylv here, because I’m a great fan) apparently for her, her water must’ve been out when she decided to stick her head in the oven instead. And I had no other Plath-o-philes to laugh about it with.
So I’ve been struggling with those feelings of guilt, wondering why, for me, my adorable kids can’t be enough. And, in some senses, they are–I’m so glad that I’m able to be there with them, to see everything that they do, that wherever I am, they seem to follow me. Okay, I’m not ALWAYS grateful for that last one, at least at the time, but I sure am glad they like me. But I’m so afraid of losing me.
Anyway. Enough of that. In other news, I’ve just been busy on all fronts–getting ready for a quarterly Enrichment on Tuesday, tutoring a lot, food blogging a lot, trying to keep my house in some semblance of order. I’ve been a little homesick; who would have EVER thought I’d miss Provo the way that I do??
Oh, and I also have a couple of pics from Hurricane Gustav. Nothing compared to my friend Nicole–check out her blog for some truly incredible pictures! Sam has a picture of the flood near the home of the friends we were staying with on his cell phone, so maybe someday I’ll put that up here, too.

This tree was down around the corner from us

Same tree

This communications wire was down in front of our house. That’s actually our neighbor’s house, but the line came down across our driveway and into her yard.

Meredith eating her LDS Humanitarian Relief kit mashed potatoes. You know those boxes of food that you packed for service projects at Youth Conference? Yeah, well I have a couple of them sitting in my house right now! 🙂

>We Made It!

2 Sep

>Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re okay.  We’re at the home of some friends who, conveniently enough, live next to a nursing home, so they got their power back lickety split.  We are very, very lucky that our house and cars (as far as we know–the Nissan is still at Mr. Kitty’s Garage) are okay; we have some friends who got a tree through their roof.  We don’t have any power and our water supply is bad, so when we’re home, we’re hot and we probably stink, but other than that, we’re doing well and I have lots of pictures to post as soon as our computer’s up and running again.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers–we’ve definitely felt a great deal of comfort during the last few days!

>Hurricane Gustav

1 Sep

>We’re ready! Just wanted to let everyone know that while we’re anticipating a really, really bad storm, we should be okay and we’re sticking around where we are. We have plenty of food and water, clean clothes, and our van is now safely in the “garage.” One thing is that we may lose power (and thus lose our land line) and after the whole cell phone debacle last week, I lost all my cell phone numbers. If you could text me your number (or call, but if the power’s out for a long time, I may need to save power), I’d really appreciate it! I was able to find some numbers, but I’m still missing many–Brittany, Katie, the Fichtners, the Pyles, Suzette, Marcie J., mother-in-law, brothers-in-law, RP and Emily, Kim S., Kim Burley, just off the top of my head; if everyone could send them to me, I’d appreciate it!