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21 Oct


So remember how I’ve talked about how in terms of mess-making and meddling, Clark has never really had any problems? Well, he’s still very good in that area. But Meredith is making up for it. The kid STILL can’t walk, but she climbs–onto furniture, between the top and the middle of the coffee table, into small spaces that she can’t get out of. One of her favorite things is to climb into our DVD case. Which I have a picture of SOMEWHERE, but I can’t seem to find it. So we’ve locked the DVD case and now she stands there for hours on end with a key, trying to open it.

The other night while I was making dinner, the kids were being awfully quiet. This is what I found:

She is definitely the trouble-making ringleader, although Clark is more than happy to accommodate and accompany her.

Also, she loves accessories–sunglasses, shoes, socks, hair things. She’ll find all those things and bring them to me so I can put them on her. All I have to say is that girls are definitely a different breed from boys!


>A Plea on Behalf of My Friend Chuck…

21 Oct


So I know I’ve mentioned my love for the TV show Chuck before, but now I’m actually dedicating a whole post to it. My life is fairly mundane and sad and I would be pretty much devastated if Chuck and friends went away because no one watched them.

What is Chuck about?

Chuck is about a nerdy-but-cute former Stanford student with a photographic memory who was kicked out of school for supposedly cheating on an exam. Currently not living up to his potential, he’s working at the Buy More (think Best Buy) as a Nerd Herder (like Geek Squad) and living with his sister and her fiance, “Captain Awesome.” Due to an email his former roommate and best friend (the one who got him kicked out of Stanford) sent him, his photographic brain has become the intersect for all the secrets of the NSA and CIA. Along with Sarah, the CIA agent love interest, and Casey, the hilariously serious NSA agent going undercover at the Buy More, he’s saving the world one secret at a time.

Why should I watch it?

Because it’s hilarious. And sweet. And action-packed. I would say in terms of wittiness and cultural references, it’s comparable to Gilmore Girls. It’s already been renewed for its entire second season, which is a huge vote of confidence from NBC, but if no one watches it this season, chances are it won’t be around for another. Matt Roush, TV Guide’s senior critic, says Chuck is “nothing short of fantastic” and “the best show you’re not watching.” Quite honestly, I’ve been a little disappointed with The Office so far this season and I think Chuck is currently…gasp…my favorite show. Blasphemy, I know.

Should I watch episodes in order?

It’s not a bad idea. At least enough so you can get a grasp for the characters and the basic plotline. Season 1 is available on DVD and itunes; I think one season 1 episode is available on and; all of season 2 can be found here.
When is it on?
Monday nights right before Heroes.
Any other Chuck fans out there?

>What We Watch

16 Oct

>I was just thinking today about how Clark hasn’t said anything really funny for awhile. Well, I’m pleased to announce the dry spell is over!

Generally speaking, he often talks to us like he’s another grown up. Like when we were staying at Shane and Adriann’s house after the hurricane, he went up to Adriann one day and said, “So…how’s it goin’?” Or one time I had him in the tub and he said, “So, how’s your beautiful day?”

Well, tonight, we were putting him into bed and we had the following conversation:

Clark: So, what are you guys going to do now?

Mom: I don’t know, what do you think we’re going to do?

Clark: Well, I think you’re going to go watch.

Mom: Watch what?

Clark: Well…probably Colbert…and then Arthur…then maybe Bob the Builder.

He nailed it. Every night after he goes to bed, we watch Colbert and follow it up with animated aardvarks and a claymation general contractor who pines for his assistant Wendy whose sexuality, I have to say, is something of a mystery.

>I Just Have to Brag…

15 Oct

>So if you guys have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m not always 100% thrilled with my Louisiana experience. Bugs, giant bugs, bugs everywhere, oh, yeah, and more bugs? Yep. Hurricanes? Sure. Depression-inducing summer? Of course! People who leave me scratching my head? Yeppers. No good Mexican food, a serious Chinese food shortage, or ingredients that I like to use? Yes. Overexcited traffic cops and exorbitant fines for speeding, even 4 miles over the limit? Don’t even get me started.

So you can’t be too mad at me for bragging…that…

We found gas for $2.78 today!!
The really sad thing is that I’m excited for gas being $2.78. Remember when it used to settle around $1.89? Katie Ackerman Langston, do you remember driving to SLC our senior year of high school and filling up the gas tank for $.80? Ah, those were the days. But after $4.00/gallon, I will not say no to $2.78!

>Calling all Veteran Parents!

13 Oct

>I need help! I’m so dang tired! For a week now, my perfect, wonderful sleeper Meredith refuses to sleep in her crib. The poor girl screams and screams the second we go into her room. She’s so tired that she falls asleep the second we get in the car, but she WILL NOT sleep in her bed! She will also not sleep in our bed–she’ll either cry or poke us and giggle.

I am at a loss. I have tried all my best tricks. Clark did something similar around this age, but everything that worked with him will not work with her. Any advice?

>Bonding with the Dentist

11 Oct

>I just had a dream that the new James Bond movie came out and it was quite the disappointment; for the bulk of the movie, Bond, James Bond, was trying to get out of going to the dentist.

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8 Oct


1. I cannot HANDLE touching certain kinds of metal–it’s usually some kind of aluminum and then some other brushed metals. When we were buying a fridge, I had to touch all the fridges to make sure they didn’t give me the heebie jeebies. This really became a problem when I was in college and taking Spanish classes. The Spanish lab was in the basement of the JKHB at BYU right by a ramp and people would walk down the ramp, holding onto the handrail, and their rings would brush against the metal. Ohhhh, it still makes my skin crawl!

2. I once at a whole loaf of pumpkin bread from Kneaders and I told Sam that I gave it to the neighbors.

3. I love the smell of bleach. If it were safe to mix bleach and lemon Pine Sol, I totally would.

4. I love to pop zits. Mine, other peoples’, I don’t care. I also love to pull out ingrown hairs.

5. I secretly watch Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Apparently, I can’t read and didn’t notice that it was *7* random facts about me, not five. So I’m back for two more…

6. I like to drink buttermilk. Like, I’m not going to pour myself a nice glass of cold buttermilk, but if I make something with buttermilk and there are a few swigs left over, I’ll totally drink it.

7. I had a brush with the law my freshman year of college when myself and some friends were found burning term papers behind a stake center at the end of the semester.

Everybody who wants to play!

>Turtle Love

8 Oct

>So yeah, we haven’t dropped off the face of the planet, our lives have just been extraordinarily boring! Assuming everyone didn’t want to hear about poop habits of my children (suffice it to say a stomach bug’s been going around) and that everyone else thinks this season of America’s Next Top Model is particularly kitchy this “cycle,” I haven’t had a lot to say. I know. It shocks us all.

We did finally, after 9 months of living here, visit the local zoo.

Either it really is neat or I was holding the bar very low, but we had a really fun time. So did some turtles. Apparently it’s turtle mating season at the zoo, and being the mature person that I am, I caught it on video. No, you’re not mistaken, those are noises coming from the reproducing turtles…(you may want to avert your childrens’ eyes should you feel unprepared to discuss the birds and the bees (and the reptiles); you may want to avert your own eyes if your child(ren) were conceived immaculately or if you plan on immaculate conceptions in the future).
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In other news…I’m officially in love with Chuck. It was a new show last season, and I watched it last season, but I think I underestimated how all-around awesome it is. We got caught up with Season 1 on DVD and then the season premiere last week and follow-up this week didn’t disappoint. Chuck Bartowski may be up there with Jim Halpert and Michael Bluth as fictional television characters I am in love with.

Also, Devil Dog across the street is now sporting a hot-pink muzzle and keeps a safe distance from all humans aside from its owners. Methinks the police have stopped over there one too many times.

I heard a scuttling in the kitchen yesterday while I was in the living room. I thought maybe it was a mouse. Nah, just a giant cockroach. The really sad thing is that it hardly phases me anymore.

Clark has a little girl in his preschool class named Maygen, but he pronounces it “Maggen.” He hates her. He says she’s bossy. Takes one to know one, I guess…

I think that’s it. I’ll be better about updating and Kat, I’ll be back to do your tag later! 🙂