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>My Day in a Nutshell

26 Feb

>Today, while holding a feverish, overly grumpy toddler, I watched the True Hollywood Story of Punky Brewster. It was terrible beyond words. This is what I found notable:

–That anyone at a major network actually banked on adults watching Punky Brewster. Further, that those same people were shocked when the show was cancelled.

–The idea that Punky was a transgenerational feminist icon. Back in the day, I was the target demographic for Punky Brewster’s audience and I remember 4 things: 1) being afraid my parents, like Punky’s mother, would leave me at the grocery store, 2) the episode about the Challenger explosion, 3) some scary, supernatural episode involving a cave and Punky’s black friend’s eyes going all crazy, and 4) when playing hide and seek, never hide in the refrigerator. Hardly ground-breaking territory.

–THS must be really desperate, especially since the most notable thing Soleil Moon-Frye has done since then was a guest spot on Friends a couple years before Friends went off the air. And Friends has been off the air for almost 5 years now.

–I’m pretty sure her half-brother Meenos was high and/or drunk during his portions of the interviews.

And that pretty much sums up my day.


>Dose of Clark for the Day

25 Feb

>Yesterday, Clark was really on one with his Clarkisms! Here are a few:

Kate: Clark, for the last time, get in your carseat.
Clark: Mom, you are so grounded.

There was also a conversation between Clark and Sam about the status of Clark’s health.

Sam: You know, Clark, you’re a big guy and you can help around the house sometimes
Clark: I’m sick, Dad, I’m sick.

He was not sick.

I wish I had a recording because the way he said it was so funny–like he was a grown man in a movie announcing he had cancer or something.

Clark: What did you just take away from [Meredith]?
Kate: Mom and Dad’s I-Pods.
Clark: What about my Ear Pods?

Sam: Get yourself dried off and then we’ll put your jammies on.
Clark: I’m going to leave myself a little wet. I call myself Wet Guy.


15 Feb

>Clark had to say the scripture and closing prayer in Primary today, so I went in for the last few minutes to help him. And on a total sidenote, let me say that right now, Adriann and I are the only people who go to Relief Society on a regular basis who are under the age of, say, fifty. She teaches a fledgling Sunday School class and I am so scared that she’s going to be called into another organization where all the other younger women are, leaving me all alone in Relief Society. But. After going to Primary for fifteen minutes today, I think I might rather stay in Relief Society by myself than go there…

Anyway. Clark was very cute, although I don’t think anyone understood a word he said because I whispered the scripture to him, so he whispered it into the microphone. And then he was having a hard time praying into the microphone, so he bowed his head into his arms instead. Afterwards, a little girl, probably 5 or 6 came up to me and asked, “Do you go to Ball Elementary?” I started laughing and I told her that I didn’t. She, totally non-plussed by my reaction and in a very mature way, said, “Oh, I thought you looked like someone who goes there.” Ha! I mean, I know I look a little young for my age, but I didn’t think I looked 10!

>Sugar Cookies

13 Feb

>So, in a burst of domesticity, I decided to make sugar cookies for Clark’s Valentines at school. Oh, and I uploaded some of these printable Valentines (from what may be my new favorite blog; if you scroll up near the top of the main page, you’ll see that Our Best Bites sugar cookies were featured!) to Office Depot and had them printed on glossy cardstock. They were seriously about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. But I digress.

Anyway, my cookies turned out awesome if I do say so myself. A serious improvement from the first time I attempted using the glace icing back in December. While I was making the cookies, Meredith turned on the TV, found the music channels, and settled on the Americana station. I was too engrossed in cookie decorating to go change the channel, but I do have to say that I felt slightly suicidal by the time I DID change the channel–“Love Hurts” sung by Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons is quite the buzzkill.

Anyway, I had to work on the cookies during the day while the kids were awake because they had to have enough time to dry and harden before I wrapped them up last night. While I was working on this:

and this:

Meredith was working on this:

(Please excuse the semi-out-of-focus pictures and my daughter’s Fraggle hair. I had sprinkle hands and, well, hair-doing generally doesn’t take a priority when we’re not leaving the house).

I am not kidding you. She pushed a stool up to the counter, got the sprinkles off the counter, UNSCREWED the lids, and dumped them all over the chair and the floor. In typical Clark-like fashion, he did not initiate any of the naughtiness, but he was more than happy to join Meredith in her mess-making.

Wanna hear the icing on the cookie? Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that Clark has pinkeye (this is on top of his double ear infections and strep that we were at the doctor for on Wednesday). So he doesn’t even get to go to school for the Valentine’s party today. I’m so bugged that I worked so hard on his stupid Valentines that I’m dropping them off at the school, anyway, and am planning on picking up his Valentines after school. All in the name of Clark not being sad, but really, all that work is NOT going to waste!

>From the Newspaper…

10 Feb