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>Flying is for the birds…

25 May

>So we’re in Seattle! After a long, long, long day yesterday, we’re here (and after 5 hours of sleep, I’m awake; gosh, it gets light early here!)

Anyway, one major downside of living in Louisiana is that I’ve decided I hate to fly. It used to be fun–exhausting, sure, but fun. But…and I don’t know if it’s the kids or if it’s the planes/airlines/whatever, but the last couple of times I’ve flown, I’ve just felt like I’m being held prisoner for a couple of hours.

So yesterday before we left, I had to go to church and lead the music in Sacrament meeting and then make sure the flyers for our next Enrichment activity were going to go around to everyone. When I went to pick up the flyers from Office Depot on Saturday night, the background printed so dark that you could hardly read them, but I couldn’t have them re-printed. Strike one.

Got to church. Realized I had the wrong date on the flyer. Strike two.

Got into Sacrament meeting. The guy who puts the hymn numbers up informed me that no one sang the last time we sang the Sacrament hymn I chose, so he switched the numbers to the other melody (it was one of those that has more than one version). The only thing is that I ALREADY don’t feel comfortable leading the music and the reason why I picked the one I did is because I know I can lead it. I know I can’t lead the other one and I feel like an idiot up there. This did not convince him. I looked like an idiot up there. I had a splitting headache and my day hadn’t even begun.

Got home from church, got the car loaded up, we were running late, but we finally got out the door. We were JUST leaving the south border of Alexandria (for New Orleans) when Sam asked if I got his garment bag (which had pretty much all of his stuff in it). I thought he’d grabbed it. He had not. We turned around and went back home to get the garment bag. Any buffer zone time was completely shot.

Took the wrong exit in Lafayette. Awesome!

Made it to the airport. Got checked in, but as soon as we got to our gate, they were boarding our plane. Literally, the only things I’d eaten so far were Honey Smacks, Diet Coke, and some crispy Chips Ahoy. Not good.

Sam and Clark were sitting in front of Meredith and me (who is a lap child by the skin of her teeth), so we got to sit next to a stranger. Who was very friendly, but also very large. When I got up to go to the bathroom, he had put up the armrest, which meant he was encroaching into about 1/4 of my already too-small seat space. This naturally made me uncomfortable, so I sat with my butt clenched the whole 2 1/2 hours to Minneapolis because that seemed to get me as far from him as possible. But not only did he put the armrest up while I was in the bathroom, but he also closed the window shade (Meredith’s diversion), took off his shoes, and was watching a movie on his laptop that I would NOT be okay showing my kids.

We had a layover in Minneapolis, so we finally got to eat something other than peanuts. Got settled on the plane from Minneapolis to Seattle–all of us got to sit together, so that was good. Until Clark and Meredith started tormenting one another. We put a movie on the portable DVD player. Meredith decided to test her limits in literal button-pushing–she was trying to push every single button on the stupid thing. Beverage service. The flight attendant gave Meredith her own can AND a cup of apple juice. Meredith was thrilled and not at ALL okay with me transferring her drink into a cup with, say, a lid. Not willing to fight it out, I let her keep it. She didn’t want to drink it, but rather, she wanted to stir it with the little straw. Can you see where this is going? Yeah, spilled apple juice everywhere. Got the kids changed into pajamas. Tranquilized Meredith with some Benadryl and she slept for the rest of the flight. Thank frakking goodness.

Seriously, if it didn’t suck 2 days (at least) each way out of Sam’s vacation time to drive to Utah, and probably another day each way to drive to Seattle, we would so be there. Anything has to be better than flying with little kids!

Edited to add the one thing that made the whole day worth it: I saw a big bus that said, “Hotard” along the side. Apparently it’s a tour bus line. Okay, REALLY? Who came up with that one? Were they sitting in a board meeting and thought, “Hey, let’s combine two offensive slang terms into one word and make them our brand name!” I got a good giggle out of that one…


>Overheard in Hastings

23 May

>Last night after Sam came home from work, we went to dinner and then went to Hastings and Target (this is what we do for fun). I took the kids to the children’s section and there were two women chatting it up quite loudly (I really wasn’t planning on eavesdropping on their conversation, I promise!) The entire conversation was highly entertaining, but these gems were my favorite:


Woman #1: Do you ever watch documentaries?

Woman #2: Oh, I LOVE documentaries! My favorite is Ghost Hunters International, but Paranormal State is really good, too!

Family-Favorite Meat

Woman #1: My family lives on deer and chicken. If squirrels were fatter, we’d eat more of them because they’re so good, but my kids think they’re too much work. I have a whole bag of skinned squirrels with the heads still on them in the freezer right now!

Even after a year of living here, I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the squirrel-eating…and I’ve eaten it!

>The Laundry

15 May

>So a few days ago, Meredith and Clark were getting ready to hop in the tub. I’d stripped Meredith down to her diaper and we were just waiting for Clark to finish his dinner. Well, Meredith disappeared for a few minutes and when she came back, her diaper was gone.

At some point yesterday, I realized I didn’t know where that diaper was.

Well, just now, I got some clothes out of the hamper to wash and lo and behold, there was the wet diaper at the bottom of the hamper! And no, we don’t cloth diaper.

>How Old Am I???

11 May

>I just read Wait Till Helen Comes to see if it was as scary now as it was when I was 10. It is. I didn’t sleep for two nights.

>Resurrecting the Inner Blogging Voice

9 May

>So yeah, I realize it’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve updated the blog! I don’t have too many excuses, although the computer I uploaded the Easter pictures to now has a dead monitor, so I can’t get to anything on that computer right now. My inner blogging voice seems to have died, but I’m hoping maybe a jaunt in the blog world will help bring it back to life.

  • The other day, Sam wasn’t getting ready for church, so I told Clark to go jump on him. A few minutes later, he came back out and said, “He’s not getting up. I’ll finish my breakfast and you go handle Dad.”
  • It seems like overnight, Satan has unleashed the entire insect population of hell on Louisiana. Last year, the mosquitoes weren’t unbearable until after Hurricane Gustav, but we are getting eaten alive day and night. Last week, I couldn’t move my neck and I was sure I had encephalitis from the evil critters. Turns out I slept on my neck funny. Don’t worry, I didn’t embarrass myself by going to the doctor to learn this.
  • Like a frog slowly boiled in water over time, I have become kind of a science fiction geek. It all started with Lost, which really isn’t really full-blown sci-fi, but it certainly has sci-fi elements. Then, when left with the choice of watching Girls Gone Wild commercials, colon cleanser infomercials, hellfire and damnation infomercials, or Angel, I started watching Angel during early-morning nursing sessions. Then came Battlestar Galactica. Then Buffy. We went and saw Star Trek last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While the new Star Trek movie is more of a smart action movie, I think the other shows, as well as all of the Star Trek series, are, when all is said and done, character-driven shows that are allowed to explore elements of humanity that are hard to do in other stories because they’re not bound by the restrictions of reality.
  • Clark offers pretty much daily to trade Meredith for another kid–his friend Gabe at school, Beck, Naomi, Ivy. He’s also taken to asking for a brother and saying, “I never wanted a girl.”
  • We had 1/2 hour of church last week! However, after church was over, I got to go home and take care of the kids while Sam and every other able-bodied person got to go help remove a tree from someone’s house for the next several hours.
  • I have talked about this with other people who have transplanted here from, well, just about anywhere else and we all have had similar experiences–sometimes, people say things that aren’t out-and-out rude, but they definitely sting (although we’ve all had some experiences with out-and-out rudeness as well). We’ve learned not to let those little biting comments hurt our feelings, but for all of us, we’re scared that we’ll become like that the longer we live here. Well, I started a new birth control pill which seems to have removed that filter between my brain and my mouth, and while I find it extremely liberating to release Snarky Kate a little more often, I’m trying to figure out exactly what level of snark is acceptable…

I think that’s it. I’ll continue trying to resurrect the IBV!