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>Funny Kids!

10 Jun

>Okay, so I have some pictures from Seattle, but if we’re not Facebook friends, then you can’t see them yet because the computer I uploaded them to has officially freaked out and I deleted them from my camera.

Fortunately, I have some good Clark stories to tide y’all over! Unfortunately (or fortunately), most of them have to do with him coming to some sort of understanding with his body…

While in Seattle

Clark: Grammy, where are you going?
Clark’s Grandma: I’m going to get my hair fixed.
Clark: Yeah, you kind of look like an orphan…

Clark: I wish my peepee could talk…

Also, the whole first day his Aunt Lacey was in Seattle, he called her “Girlfriend.” Not like, “Hey, girlFRIEND!”, but more like it was her name.

Since We Came Home:

Clark: Ahhh! What are these things underneath my peepee??

Clark: I’m Bad Clarkie. Good Clarkie went to Utah. He’s dead.

So every day, I make him take a “movie rest,” a) because he needs to rest still and b) so we can have a break from each other. And by that, I mean I need a break from his never-ending stream of questions. To be nice, I also let him bring some toys with him, which he calls his class. Well, one day, he told me that he wanted to have a girl class–he was going to play with Meredith’s Snow White and Giselle Barbies, her Little People princesses, and a few My Little Ponies. Because he had a girl class, he told me he also needed a girl movie. Sam was thrilled when I told him that Clark was playing with Barbies and watching The Little Mermaid. Clark informed me that this incarnation of himself is called “Cute Guy.”

Tonight, Sam and Clark went to get some birthday stuff for Meredith. While they were in Walmart, they had the following conversation:

Clark: My little boobie hurts.
Sam: Your what?
Clark: My little boobie.
Sam: Clark, we don’t call them boobies, we call them breasts, and we don’t talk about them in public. And you don’t have boobies.
Clark: That’s what Meredith said. [Meredith does not string enough words together to tell him that he has boobies.]
Sam: Well, girls do have breasts, but boys don’t.
Clark: Well, then what are these little poky things?
Sam: Those are nipples.
Clark [Loudly]: Dad, my nipple hurts.

And now that Meredith is coming into her own funniness, I have to share that I found her little purse with her tiny Sleeping Beauty doll, complete with a change of clothes AND another pair of shoes, some cold sore ointment, a tube of toothpaste, and a heavy flow tampon. The girl is prepared!