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>I Suck. I Really Do.

10 Oct

>So, yeah…I’ve really sucked at updating the blog. The school year started up again, meaning I’ve been tutoring more, and then I’ve been busier than ever with the food blog, so I’ve kind of been trying to figure out how everything all fits again. So much I want to do, you know? And then it’s just so easy to update my Facebook status without committing to an entire blog post, so Facebook has kind of killed the blog. But I’ll do better. Heard that before? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, this is what we’ve been up to! No hurricanes this year, thank goodness! After Labor Day, Clark started Pre-K, which isn’t a big deal any other place I’ve lived (in fact, it’s just kind of called “preschool” everywhere else I’ve ever been!), but here, Pre-K is basically Kindergarten. Except if we wanted to send him to public Pre-K, he would have to go all-day, every day, and wear a uniform. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around sending a 4-year-old to school full-time in a uniform, so we’re sending him to the Pre-K program at the preschool he went to last year and we’re in love with it. In their recent circus, he was assigned to be the strong man. He was not thrilled at ALL when he first got dressed up, but after being oohed- and ahhed-over all day, he was more than happy to mug for the camera.

We got a giant load of new laundry supplies! We got 6 giant bottles of detergent, 16 bottles of liquid fabric softener, and 9 cases of dryer sheets. It’s taken us 1 year to get through a case of dryer sheets, so I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to do with 9 cases! There are 7 boxes to a case, so that means we have 63 (had to use a calculator, lest I publicly humiliate myself with my rudimentary math skills) boxes of dryer sheets.

Meredith has been sick for the last couple of weeks, but she’s starting to act like herself again. She’s obsessed with the “Walking on Sunshine”/”Halo” mash-up from the most recent episode of Glee

and insists on watching it over and over (and over) again while she sings and dances.

My parents came last weekend and we had a great time with them! We went to Natchitoches (that’s “Nackitesh” if you don’t happen to be from Central Louisiana) for a day and had a great time there–it’s SUCH a cute little town! The last time we went (with Sam’s parents, actually), it was pouring rain on Mardi Gras weekend and the famous meat pies were kind of a let down. We ended up going to the same restaurant we went to last time and the food was SO much better this time. Really, really good, actually. We also went to the zoo and were pretty much the only people there, so that was really fun. My kids cried and cried when they left and I felt like the worst mom in the world for making my kids live on the other side of the country from their grandparents.

That’s about it! Our lives are good, and we’re very blessed, but I do wish we lived closer to more of our family and friends! You’ve heard it before, but I promise I’ll be better about updating!