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>Weekend Update

29 Jan

>So…we’re under contract on a house!!! This is it:

It is actually the very first house we ever looked at while we were house hunting. We were seriously considering it before, but passed on it because one of the bathrooms needs a lot of work. After we made the offer on the other house, we realized that the bathroom in this house would probably not be as much work as the 2 bathrooms in the other house would be, and that really, it had about 90% of what we’re looking for, so we made an offer on Monday, negotiated back and forth for a few days, and the seller accepted our counter-offer yesterday morning. I feel SO good about it–I just feel like this is the place for us. Assuming everything the with the inspection and loan go like they’re supposed to, we’ll close on February 22nd. YAY!!!

So…this leads into my embarassing moment of the month. My sister’s last name is Morgan and one of my Young Women is also named Morgan. Well, after we heard from our realtor yesterday, I went to call my sister to tell her the good news. This particular sister lives in Alabama. So anyway, the person on the other end answered the phone and said in a sweet little Southern Belle accent, “Well, good MORNIN’!” I, thinking this person was my sister, said in my fake Southern Belle accent, “Well, good mornin’ to YOU!” We then proceeded to have a sweet Southern Belle conversation. At which point I realized it was not my sister, but Morgan’s mother. I wanted. To. Die.

As for the kids? They’re good. Meredith says everything is “way ______.” Like when it gets dark at night, it’s “way nighttime.” Or her food is “way hot.” She’s obsessed with princesses, dresses, shoes, make-up (“lip sauce” is her favorite), being beautiful, beautiful things, the word beautiful. She’s such a girl.

Clark loves Transformers and Ben 10–he does some VERY serious transformations, complete with sound effects. The other day, I told him that I was sad he doesn’t like to play with his Thomas trains anymore and he said, “Well, Mom, some things are changin’.” So funny and yet it breaks my heart just a little bit. He’s gotten too big too fast!



19 Jan

>So they rejected our offer. They are not willing to give at ALL–they want full asking price, will not pay closing costs, and are selling it as is and will not include a warranty. I’m actually okay with it because it is SO inconceivable to me that they’re not willing to budge at all–I’d be more sad, I think, if we negotiated the heck out of it and ended up not getting it. But it’s just so egotistical (at least in my mind) to ask $20K more than the neighborhood comps (which sat on the market for 6 months), with a completely trashed backyard and 2 bathrooms that haven’t been touched 50 years and expect full asking price with no concessions, you know?

Back to the drawing board…a little wiser… 🙂

>House Hunters

19 Jan


So around Christmas, I got this bee in my bonnet that we needed to buy a house. To say that I’ve been scared of buying a house up until this point would be the understatement of the century–the very thought of it literally made me panicky. But one day, it’s like a light bulb switched on and we were just ready (although it didn’t hurt that Sam found out we’re going to be here for at least another 3 years). So we started house hunting. And obsessing. I swear we saw everything in our price range. We fell in love with a house only to discover the second time around that it needed a LOT more work than we were willing to put into it (and the fact that when you tell someone to turn right at the Dominoes Pizza, 2nd house past the old apartment complex, that you could probably be living in a nicer neighborhood). Knowing we couldn’t make it work in spite of the fact that the outside of the house was awesome, we very sadly and frustratedly moved on.
We found another two houses that we really liked. I made my pro-con list. Sam did not agree with my methods and made his own pro-con list. There was some yelling about whose pro-con list was better. But what it all came down to was this. How could you say no to this master bedroom??

One of our contingencies is that the ducks stay. And yes, that is a camo comforter with pink John Deere throw blanket.

Justkiddingjustkiddingjustkidding (said like Kristen Wiig). We actually did really like that house, but we liked this house better. And made an offer on it today.

It’s way bigger than it looks from the outside and I love the neighborhood, PLUS it’s super close to the Expressway which, for those of you not from here, is GOLDEN because probably my #1 gripe about this place and finding a place to live is that everything is SO spread out and unless you’re near one of the few main roads, it can be a major pain to get anywhere. The kitchen sold us–it’s huge and ALMOST has more custom cabinets than I know what to do with. Also, I’d have 2, count ’em, 2 ovens AND fridges. Be. Still. My. Heart. Pretty much the whole house has to be painted, the bathrooms HAVE to be gutted, and the backyard needs some (a lot of) work, too, but it’s all good old-fashioned elbow greasy fun, not ripping down walls and rearranging rooms, you know?

Anyway, our offer was on the low side, and I’m sure they’ll counter, but our fingers are crossed that it’ll all go through! Here’s hoping! 🙂

>Happy January!

14 Jan

>I suck so bad at blogging right now that I’m not sure anyone even reads this anymore. So if you are still reading, I’m sorry. I literally couldn’t sleep last night because I feel so guilty about my little blog that I love so much, so I’m making it a goal to update at least once a week.

Life has been crazy. Good thing it’s been good crazy because while 2009 had it’s good parts, I honestly wasn’t too sad to see it go. From the middle of 2007 through 2009, I just felt like things never let up and I feel like we’re starting to get back to a really good place.

So…what’s been going on with us since Thanksgiving? Here’s a brief recap:

–We spent Thanksgiving with our good friends the Whites and their family. They’ve always been so nice to have us orphans over for major holidays and we just love them.

–Clark went on a field trip to an old plantation and was completely and utterly disgusted that they had dirt floors back then. He refused to step on them.

–I chopped off all my hair the day before my birthday. While Nicole was cutting my hair, Clark ran in VERY excitedly with a Book of Mormon. This was our conversation:

Clark: Mom, LOOK what I found!!
Kate: Wow, buddy!! What is it?
Clark: It’s a Book of Mormon!!
Kate: Awesome! Can you tell me what it’s about?
Clark: It’s all about SATAN!!

SO glad that’s what he’s absorbed in his 5 years. In case I have non-LDS friends reading my blog, the Book of Mormon is not in fact about Satan, but rather another testament of Jesus Christ.

–I turned 29. Blah.

–I went to Utah without my kids for 3 days in early December. I got to stay with one of my favorite friends, Adriann, who has left me in Louisiana. We had some Our Best Bites-related meetings and business to take care of and then Sara and I were on Studio 5:

Video Courtesy of

Coming back was really hard–in addition to the inevetible post-trip slump, I felt like while travelling without my kids was infinitely better than travelling with my kids, it was still a long, hard trip and it made me feel even further from “home” (wherever THAT is!)

–Clark got to play Joseph in his preschool Christmas pagaent. He was SO cute I could hardly stand it.

–We found out we’re going to be here for another 3 years. It’s actually good to know–I feel like we’ve been in transition for so long that it would be SO wonderful just to settle down for a little while.

–With THAT news, we got pre-approved for a home loan and have since been house hunting. It was exciting and fun at first and now it just sucks, but we’re holding out hope that we’ll find a perfect spot for us.

–The other day, he was sitting there playing with his Ben 10 Aliens, singing, “Jesus is a Friend of Mine.” It was so funny and cute and a total paradigm shift from what I imagined my kids would experience growing up. While we don’t want to be here forever, I’m glad that we can have this experience now.

–Clark turned 5. I can’t believe it. We had banana pancakes with buttermilk syrup, bacon, and orange juice (which is RARE at our house because I’m an OJ snob and I’m too cheap to buy the good stuff on a regular basis) for breakfast and then that night, we went to McAllister’s (his choice) for dinner and came home for presents, cake, and ice cream. Grammy Jones got him a gift certificate to Build-A-Bear, but the closest one is in Lafayette and we haven’t had a chance to go yet. I’m just so proud of him and what a smart, sweet, funny, conscientious boy he always has been and continues to be.

–Sam brought home 5 cases of laundry detergent yesterday–16 boxes of Original Tide (be still, my heart…I don’t think anything in the world, except for maybe a new baby, smells better than Original Tide!) and 6 bottles of Cheer. Subsequently, there was a major detergent reorganization last night and Sam was pretty sure I’d gone crazy. I also decided my life was too complicated for the three cases (20 bottles) of liquid fabric softener that we got in October, so I unloaded them at the church last night. It warmed my heart to see everyone walking around with a bottle of Downy… 🙂

That’s about it. Keep your fingers crossed that we find a house before I lose my mind…