About Me

Hi, I’m Kate (“Hi, Kate!”) and, after a major personal blogging hiatus, I’m re-booting our family blog. I’m also the co-creator of Our Best Bites, a cooking blog that I write with my honorary Team Awesome member, Sara.

Soooooo…what do you wanna know? I’m a former-Utahn living in Louisiana, I graduated from BYU in 2004 with my degree in English, I am a semi-closeted nerd, a 100% book nerd, a semi-closeted political moderate (which is akin to a raging liberal in my current neck of the woods), and my Angry Bird skills are off the hook. I’m fascinated with the postal system, I hate touching certain types of metal, I’m terrified of dirty water, scrambled eggs make me gag, I’ve read The Firm by John Grisham an embarrassing number of times, I have this weird thing for ukelele music (not straight-up ukelele music, but I love it in popular music), and every summer that we stay in Louisiana, it’s a miracle my husband still wants to be married to me because I get kind of mean when it’s hot.

My husband and I are working (I’m using that term lightly right now) on remodeling our 70+ year-old-house that we bought a little over a year ago. We also have a 6-year-old son who is very literal and a 4-year-old daughter who is very dramatic. We also have a cat who likes to lurk in dark corners and attack us to show her affection as well as a miniature Wookiee of a dog who thinks she’s a human baby.


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