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>New Calling

2 Aug

>So I was just called to be the 1st Counselor in the Young Women’s presidency in our ward! I’m really, really excited. With the exception of the last few months, I’ve really loved being the Enrichment Leader, but it’s definitely a good time to move on.


>Smelling the Nerds: The Return of the IBV

5 Aug

>No…not those nerds! But my Inner Blogging Voice is back, thank goodness, after an awfully long dry spell!

1. Today, we went grocery shopping. When we arrived, another lady came at about the same time with her adorable little girl. We did the grocery store thing–you know, where you get to the store at about the same time and keep bumping into each other throughout the store. When I was ready to check out, I found myself in line behind them. I noticed that their cart was full of very healthy stuff–lots of fruits, veggies, organic stuff, something called rice and almond bread, tofu, whole grain twig cereal, etc. So while the mom was loading the stuff onto the conveyor belt, the little girl was holding a tube of Nerds (they come in tubes now–who knew??), trying to smell them through the plastic. It reminded me of when I was little and teeny, tiny Kimmy J. beat up Connor C. and took his Twinkie.

2. As we were leaving for the grocery store, we found this guy on our front steps:

You can’t get an appreciation for how huge these actually are. This is a Lubber Grasshopper and he’s about 4 inches long. I’ve considered starting a Mutant Insects of Louisiana segment of my blog. To be honest, after I killed a medium-large cockroach, a baby cockroach, a small cockroach, and then had it out with the agressive, fast, GINORMOUS black cockroach hiding under my Kitchenaid the other night, these guys are starting to look cute. The good thing is that they’re cool-looking, slow, dumb, and they stay outside. Now if only they ate cockroaches.

3. We got a big, nasty storm the other night and the power went out for several hours. At 2:00 am, in the middle of summer in Louisiana, we had a preschooler, a toddler, and two adults in a queen-sized bed (due to storm-scariness, not because we participate in a family bed) and no air conditioning. And then Sam ripped his pants at church. And when I sat in on the Sunbeam class for ten minutes, I actually lost a 3-year-old. He escaped. As I ran through the halls yelling his name, he sauntered out of the bathroom with some candy that some dude in the bathroom had given him. It was quite a Sunday.

4. As I’m sure is the case in many places, our ward is concerned with emergency preparedness. Tucked into each church program yesterday were questionnaires about what we’d like to see at an emergency preparedness fair and also what we’d be willing to teach. There were the standards–canning, CPR, first aid, communication. And then, right in the middle: “What if we are invaded by aliens or others?”

5. How about this girl?

>Sunday Ramblings…

14 Oct

>So I really didn’t want to go to church today. I’m tired and I feel like we see Sam so little. The house is a bit messy and I feel like all I need is a couple of hours with no kids (i.e. Sam has them) so I can fold the mountain of laundry that’s been piling up since last Monday. But we went anyway, and I’m glad we did.

I’ve been feeling so spiritually-depleted. The last few months have been so hard and I feel like we’re finally coming out of it, but that I need to be recharged. Heck, I feel like we’re coming out of more than the last three months–I feel like we’re coming out of the last three years. Managing apartments sucks and now that I’m away from it, I feel like I’m slowly becoming someone I used to be that I haven’t seen for a long time.

Now, I’m really not really one to talk publicly about spiritual feelings and experiences, but I really needed church today. It was one of those days where I felt like everything fell into place and everything was something I could directly apply in my life. We sang a lot of my favorite hymns and my favorite teacher (Tessa, for those of you who know her) taught the lesson in Relief Society. I didn’t have to nurse Meredith during Relief Society and Sam had her so I could actually pay attention!

Anyway, it made me realize that I’m thankful for so many things and we are very, very blessed. I also feel that scary excitement that you feel when you’re about to move on in life; I feel like we’re on the cusp of something huge, that a whole new chapter of our lives is about to begin. And I’m thankful that the feeling I have is scary excitement and not scary scariness!

So…here are the things I’m thankful for today:

  • The Gospel
  • Sam and the kids, and the fact that we’re all healthy and happy
  • Our families
  • Our friends
  • The fact that our car works
  • Our home; we really needed the extra space and the yard. Plus, we have regular visits from lots of different kinds of animals, including chickens and a deer sitting on the ground, munching something, and staring at us this morning.
  • The fact that I’m not pregnant this year for the holidays. I was a bit of a Grinch last year, seeing as how I don’t sleep when I’m pregnant and I was puking on a regular basis.
  • Our ward
  • The fact that Sam’s had job interviews. I think I’d be feeling a lot more scared right now if he was graduating in two months and he hadn’t had any job interviews.
  • Our jobs

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one afternoon! I just really, really needed that spiritual boost today.