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29 Mar


I miss my little house in Provo so much it hurts. I know that sounds corny, but it’s true.

It’s so funny to me that the-place-that-shall-not-be-named was home to us for over 3 years, but I have never felt even the tiniest wince of sadness about leaving there. I so expected to be sad to go; I mean, we brought two babies home from the hospital there. But we finished cleaning, left the key on the counter, and were just kind of like, “See ya!”

But the “little yellow house,” as Clark calls it…I loved it. It was home. It was shelter from a very stormy time in our lives. I know I’ve said all of this before, but I guess this blog entry is more for me than anything.

So anyway, thanks for wallowing in a little self-pity with me. If you’re in Provo and you see my happy house, honk and wave for me!

>Living at the Ho-temple

25 Jan

>Clark calls our “hotel” (yeah, the quotation marks are deliberate…) the “ho-temple.” Given the very classy lady Sam saw with an older gentleman our first night here, he may not be too far off…

Which makes it REALLY good news that we found a really cute little house to rent. The lady’s renting to us month-to-month and is letting us paint the baseboards in lieu of a security deposit. So HOORAY! Hopefully we’ll be out of the ho-temple by Monday.

>So Pretty…

2 Nov

>Our house is old. I love old houses; I think they have a lot of inherent charm. However, one thing about our house that is NOT charming is the toilet. It is brown. It was installed when the house was built, so a 67 1/2-year-old human waste recepticle has been sitting in my bathroom. It leaks when you lean up against it and when you flush it. Oh, and when I went to clean it for the very first time, I discovered a generous layer of…human excrement trapped between the tank and the bowl. Lovely.

Well, not anymore. The toilet went from leaking when flushed to leaking all the time, straight into our basement and onto our wrapping paper collection (enemies of Kate, you’d better be careful of any Christmas presents I give you this year…) As of tonight, I have a bright, shiny, white toilet! I should’ve taken a picture of Old Bess before the plumber hauled her out the door, but I think I’ll just honor her in my memory. However, I would like to introduce you all to Trixie, the newest member of our family!

>I May Not Have a Dishwasher…

23 Oct

>…but this is the view from my kitchen window: