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>Happy Anniversary, Sam!

19 May


It’s been 7 years! WOW! And that was just the beginning. Just wanted to say that I love you so much and that these last 7 years have been the best and happiest of my life. Thanks for the fun and the adventures and the love and the two cutest kidlets in the entire world. Thanks for working so hard to provide the things we need and a lot of the things we want. Thanks for being a daddy who is adored by his babies. You’re the best husband I could have ever asked for and I love you! Here are some of the highlights from the past 7 years!


>What Makes Him Think HE’S in Charge??

13 Mar

>So, for those of you who haven’t ever met me, I’m short. And for those of you who haven’t seen me in awhile, I’m still short. I’m 5’2. I’m at peace with that. However, this makes me too short to regularly use some shelves. Like those cupboards that are often above refrigerators? Yeah, that’s where stuff like Vienna Sausages and plain instant oatmeal goes. Stuff I never use.

So in this little house, there are quite a few cupboards in the bathroom and they go all the way up to the ceiling. On the top shelf, I put things I never use. Because I’m short. Because I don’t want to get a stool (or a chair…or to precariously stand on the toilet and lean over a couple of feed) to get what I need on a regular basis. That’s where things like maxi pads go. Cloth diapers. Mini Cadbury Eggs that I’m hiding from myself.

So…for those of you who don’t know my husband (bless him), he is an anal, anal man. I’d never heard of a level until I married him. Silly me, I thought you could just hang up a picture on the wall! I didn’t know a stud finder and a construction level needed to be involved. It frustrates him endlessly that we have 3 phone bases set up and no phones are ever on any of the bases. I should put my keys in the same place every time and then I’d never have to wonder where they were. Need a pen? Keep it in the pen mug. By the phone. But where’s the phone? Probably with the pens.

Anyway, I helped Clark pee earlier and went to get some toilet paper. But there was none on the roll (SOMEONE forgot to replace it, but that’s another blog entry…) So I opened up what I thought was the toilet paper cupboard, only to find that it had been replaced with personal care items. Things like hair dye and the 3 extra tubes of toothpaste we bought at Sam’s Club last week. Where was the toilet paper, you ask? On the very tippiest tippy top shelf.

See how the cupboard touches the ceilings? Our 8 feet ceilings? Yeah, that’s a 3 foot gap between myself and the toilet paper.

(By the way, I love my husband, and I’m not mad venting.)

I’m in charge of the toilet paper. And the toothpaste. And the hair dye.

>I’m So Sorry, Sam…

28 Feb

>I told Sam I wouldn’t blog about this. But I can’t help myself. My fingers have literally been itching all day long.

So last night, we were watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. In last night’s episode, a man was unwittingly tricked into participating in a threesome with two women he met in a bar. When he awoke, he found himself next to the dead body of one of his lady friends along with a Polaroid photograph of the scene, the third member of their little ménage à trois missing, implying that she was intending to frame him with another copy of the photograph.

Anyhoo, as the scene was closing and the token Law and Order “dum dum!” sounded, Sam said, “And THAT’S why you don’t have a threesome with a stranger!” To which I replied, “Or at all.”

I love you! 🙂

>Tagged Again–All About Sam!

23 Feb

>What’s his name? Samuel Monroe

How long have you been married? Coming up on 7 years…

How long did you date? That’s a little blurry. I think we started sliding into datingness around Septemberish? And got married in May.

How old is he? Too old! 🙂 No, he’s 33.

Who eats more? Usually him.

Who said I love you first? Another blurry moment in time. I think I said it in a way like, “If you do that for me, I’ll love you forever!” and he interpreted that as moving on to the “I love you” stage. Not that I DIDN’T love him.

Who is smarter? It depends. I’m definitely smarter in English and language-related things. I’m also smarter in stuff like health and nutrition. Also, he can’t type. Sam is a born engineer, though. He gets math. I can’t visualize how components make a whole product in my head and that frustrates him to no end (and is also why I can’t sew anything very complicated. Or basically more than putting two pieces of fabric together.) He’s very logical–I call him Captain Literal. His super power is making obnoxious jokes out of me using a figure of speech. For example, a conversation like this occurs several times a day:

Kate: Hey, Sam, can I see the remote?
Sam: [Holding up the remote] Here, see?
Kate: Thanks, Captain Literal.

Whose temper is worse? I’m more likely to have a hormonally-induced meltdown, but generally, he’s more likely to get his panties in a twist over something stupid and insignificant.

Who does the laundry? Oh, heavens, me! I’m a super-sorter. Lights, darks, whites, and things like sheets, towels, etc. He thinks if it can’t be bleached, it can all go in together on warm.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? See, this is one of those envisioning questions I think about too much. If we’re lying on the bed, it’s me. If we’re facing the foot of the bed, Sam would be sleeping on my right.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Sam’s idea of a fancy dinner is Hamburger Helper. With or without the hamburger.

Who pays the bills? It’s a joint affair–I pay some, he pays some.

Who is more spoiled? Sam pretty much spoils both of us. I can’t spoil him because he has everything he wants.

Who drives when you are in the same car? Generally Sam. He’s a better driver and he gets nervous when I’m driving. And I get nervous when he’s in the passenger’s seat, thus making me drive worse. But on long trips, we usually switch. And if I pick him up, we don’t switch places or anything.

Who is more stubborn? We’re both stubborn, but I’d say he’s more stubborn.

Whose parents do you see the most? When we lived in Utah, we saw mine more often, but we’d see his parents for longer stretches of time. Right now, we don’t see anyone’s parents. Well, we see parents, they’re just not ours. See, Captain Literal has worn off on me!

Who proposed? Sam. Let’s not talk about the proposal.

Who has more friends? Well, if Star Wars action figures count as friends, Sam has more. Real life friends? Me.

Who has more siblings? Oh, you’ll never get an easy answer with Team Awesome. Sam has 6 siblings. I have 4 biological siblings and 7 with my step-brothers and step-sister. Since I think of them as my siblings, we’ll say I do.

Who wears the pants in the family? Depends on where we are. Sam doesn’t like to wear pants around the house. I mean that literally. He has a pair of stretchy pants that he calls “apartment pants.” He will wear those if absolutely necessary, like we have someone over at the house who is not one of his brothers. Actually, that’s a pretty good description of how things are run–I’m the director of operations of the house and children, he’s in charge of job things, cars, etc.

I tag…Jen! Kat! Manda!