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>Rainy Days and Mondays

2 Apr

> Pop quiz: Which one of my favorite movies has the song “Rainy Days and Mondays” in it? Hint: it really is one of my favorite movies, maybe THE favorite. Hint #2: It also features “Killing Me Softly.” In a very sad and funny way.

Anyway, it’s 9:15 and I can already tell what kind of day it’s going to be. Fog and rain outside. Grumpy three-year-old riding a toy intended for a child much smaller than him. Plastic Easter eggs strewn across the living room floor. Massive pile of laundry waiting to be folded. Hey, at least I have America’s Next Top Model tonight. I’m not in denial anymore, baby.

Oh, I did read this morning that there’s supposed to be a spectacular kiss on this year’s season finale of Lost. All I have to say is that it had better be Desmond and Penelope or Jim and Pam in some kind of freaky crossover because those are the only TV couples I want to see kissing. In particular, I have no desire to see Kate and Sawyer or Kate and Jack or Kate and Hurley (notice a common thread here? I’m so over Kate.) engaged in any lip-locking. Oh, my, I just realized how pathetic my life sounds.

>Merry Christmas 2007!

20 Dec

>So I’ve been postponing sending out our Christmas cards and letter because we still don’t know for absolute certain where we’re going to be in another month and I kind of thought we would by now. Let’s just say that we’re tentatively planning on celebrating Christmas in February, so for those of you whose names we’ve drawn for Christmas presents, you’ll get something SUPER in another few months.

ANYWAY, I’ve been thinking about doing a best/worst list for a few months now. Until we’re settled wherever we’ll be, this is our makeshift Christmas letter! 🙂 Suffice it to say that in our lives, 2007 definitely made up for any boredom that we experienced in 2006! So here it is, the good and bad, the highs and lows!

Worst Movie

I’m too embarassed to say. Suffice it to say that it was one of those movies that looked really funny in the previews and ended up being disgustingly vulgar and made me feel bad about myself as a mother, a Mormon, AND a human being afterwards.

Best Movie

Maybe this is a cop-out because it technically came out in 2006, but I’m going to say Casino Royale. But, in all fairness, I didn’t actually SEE it until 2007. As far as the smart action thriller genre goes, it was a tight race between Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum, but the jolty camera work in Bourne and Daniel Craig in a pair of swim trunks gives Bond the edge. No, being serious, they were both really, really good, but (and this is coming from someone who isn’t really a James Bond fan) I really liked seeing the origins of Bond and I liked seeing a buffer, tougher, had-my-nose-broken-a-few-times Bond. There’s a certain cultural “mythology” associated with James Bond and it was fun kind of exploring that.

If you’re going to get technical on me and say it had to be made and released in 2007, I’ll say Enchanted.

Worst Moment

Having to move and find new jobs 5 weeks after I had a c-section and 4 months before Sam graduated from college. That was awesome.

Best Moment

It was the last night I was in the hospital after Meredith was born and I had Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on in the background. My recovery had gone so smoothly (with the exception of my bizarre, torturous rash) and I was feeling so good (and I’m sure the Percocet and Prednisone had nothing to do with THAT!). The room was about half-lit, the hospital was quiet, and I was waiting for my doctor to come see me for the day. Meredith was lying in her Boppy, so content (like she still is) and alert, just staring at me, and I felt like we knew each other.

Runner up? Sam graduating!

Worst New TV Show

Now…I didn’t watch all the new TV shows, so I’ll have to do the worst TV show of what I did watch. And the winner is…Journeyman! Now granted, I didn’t think it was ALL bad, but I haaaaaaated his wife with a passion and stopped watching solely because of her. And now it’s been cancelled.

Best New TV Show

Either Pushing Daisies or Chuck (which, coincidentally, I started watching because we accidentally recorded it instead of Journeyman.) They’re funny, smart, endearing, and sweet.

Biggest Question Mark

Where we’ll be living a month from now! Louisiana? Salt Lake? Washington? You tell me! No, really, tell me! I’m going crazy here!

Worst Book

Okay…this may get me murdered in my sleep. By a vampire. But I hated the Twilight series. I actually liked Twilight okay–I mean, it was definitely young adult fiction and it was pretty amateurish, but it captured my attention. New Moon was tedious, but there were moments in Eclipse where I literally felt my throat close up and also felt pity for the author and the cheesiness of it all. Apparently, no one in Forks does anything but murmur, mumble, grimace, groan, or grin. Toothily. Oh, and Bella. Bella, Bella, Bella. Quite possibly THE most annoying heroine ever. My disclaimer is that I don’t read romance, let alone teen romance, so this definitely wasn’t my genre and I should’ve known that going in. But, alas, I got sucked in (muahaha…oh, Kate, you’re so funny).

Best Book

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Granted, it’s been a rough year for me reading-wise–I’ve been too tired or too stressed (or both) to do a lot of heavy-duty reading, but this really, truly was a masterpiece. Nearly every loose thread, seemingly-insignificant detail was tied back in. I know some people thought the symbolism was heavy-handed, but it didn’t bother me (but then, I don’t have a problem with religious symbolism). I may have been 5 weeks postpartum when I read it, but I’m pretty sure that I’d bawl like a baby all over again when Harry turned the stone over in the forest and walked with those who had gone before him to his fate.

TV Show That’s Gone Most Downhill (For Me):

Law and Order: SVU. More like Law and Order: Olivia’s Story. I miss Munch and Finn.

Best TV Show We Watch on a Regular Basis:

Lost. Hands-down. I love The Office, but nothing compared to the second half of Lost Season 3. I mean, seriously. Every. Dang. Week. I about peed my pants (with, of course, the exception of Jack’s trysts in Thailand; I absolutely hated that episode.) Warning! Spoilers ahead! From Locke blowing up the communications hatch to Sawyer finding the real Mr. Sawyer (in that fateful twist with Locke…and gotta say that Sawyer Sr. got what was coming to him!) to Ben’s unbelievably creepy flashback to finding the underwater hatch to that amazing season finale (for which Matthew Fox’s lack of any kind of awards recognition is an absolute abomination!) It consistently hit its stride every week, building up to that finale. Of course, all that momentum was lost due to starting the season in late January rather in September AND with this stupid WGA strike. If we only get 8 episodes this year, well, I’m not going to be so happy.

So now that 2007 is almost out of the way, we have all sorts of new adventures in front of us: buying a house, buying a car, maybe buying a refrigerator (apparently houses in Louisiana don’t come with appliances), probably moving halfway across the country. All in all, we’ve been very blessed–we’re all happy and healthy, Sam is officially DONE with school, no more apartment managing, and we have all that we need and a lot of what we want. Or we will soon. 🙂 We have amazing family and friends who support us and love us (and we love you, too!) We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and the knowledge and peace that comes with it. We hope ALL of you have a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of things that make you as happy as Lost, Harry Potter, and babies make me.


Team Awesome


24 Nov

> Sam and I took the kiddos to see Enchanted this afternoon. I’d heard rave reviews, both from friends and family as well as the “pros,” but I was expecting nothing more than a kids’ movie that adults wouldn’t hate. Well…we loved it! It was the story of an animated princess, a kind of combination of Disney’s Cinderella + Snow White + Sleeping Beauty who, at the hand of Prince Charming’s evil stepmother, finds herself un-animated in New York City.

It has just about everything going for it; gentle Disney self-referencing mockery? Check. Fantastic leading actress? Check. Wicked future step-mother-in-law (played by Susan Sarandon)? Check. Dr. McDreamy (well, Lawyer McDreamy here…)? Check. The music was written by Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid) and Stephen Schwartz (Wicked), so there was no way they were going wrong there.
I think the thing I liked about it was the same thing I love about Pushing Daisies–it was sarcastic and ironic, but not in a mean way (not surprisingly, Barry Sonnenfeld had a hand in both projects). When it’s over, you feel a little bit giddy and a lot happy. It was almost like it took this Disney Princess archetype and improved her for the 21st century–she remained sweet, but more strong and world-wise, someone you really would want your daughter to admire.
So Sam, Clark, and I all loved it. Both Sam and I cried. We both agree that it was one of our favorite movies we’ve seen this year (we both also loved Casino Royale and Hot Fuzz. I’m pretty sure that movies don’t get more different than Enchanted along with those two!) And the beauty of it is that it’s something everyone will love, a real, true family movie. So grab the kiddos (or don’t!) and run out right now and see it!