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8 Oct


1. I cannot HANDLE touching certain kinds of metal–it’s usually some kind of aluminum and then some other brushed metals. When we were buying a fridge, I had to touch all the fridges to make sure they didn’t give me the heebie jeebies. This really became a problem when I was in college and taking Spanish classes. The Spanish lab was in the basement of the JKHB at BYU right by a ramp and people would walk down the ramp, holding onto the handrail, and their rings would brush against the metal. Ohhhh, it still makes my skin crawl!

2. I once at a whole loaf of pumpkin bread from Kneaders and I told Sam that I gave it to the neighbors.

3. I love the smell of bleach. If it were safe to mix bleach and lemon Pine Sol, I totally would.

4. I love to pop zits. Mine, other peoples’, I don’t care. I also love to pull out ingrown hairs.

5. I secretly watch Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Apparently, I can’t read and didn’t notice that it was *7* random facts about me, not five. So I’m back for two more…

6. I like to drink buttermilk. Like, I’m not going to pour myself a nice glass of cold buttermilk, but if I make something with buttermilk and there are a few swigs left over, I’ll totally drink it.

7. I had a brush with the law my freshman year of college when myself and some friends were found burning term papers behind a stake center at the end of the semester.

Everybody who wants to play!


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10 Aug

>Okay, my Google Reader lost everything and I’m finally catching up on everyone’s blogs! I have a couple of tags to catch up on, apparently! 🙂

1. What is your favorite fictional character from a book or movie?
Lorelai Gilmore, hands down!

2. What are your 3 best physical assets?
Right now, not much! No, I think I havee cute hair (when I do it)…perpetually skinny ankles and wrists (except for when I’m preggo)…button nose that will make me look younger than I am until it makes me look weird.

3. Name 3 attributes you would be proud to pass on to your children:
My desire to see the best in people, my sense of humor, my ability to go into high-power-mode in a crisis.

4. Name 3 attributes that you hope not to pass on to your children:
My cynicism, scatterbrained-ness/messiness, and my fear of confrontation–I want them to feel confident in standing up for themselves and other people.

5.If you had to give up one of the following things FOREVER, which would you choose?1. all makeup 2. flat iron/curling iron 3. razors (laser hair removal isn’t an option):
Flat iron/curling iron. Yeah, they make my life easier, but I could survive without them. Unlike razors–I would die without a razor.

6. What do you think is your best quality?
I can see the humor (or at least the positive) in just about every situation.

7. What is your worst quality?
I can be a brat, especially to people I love the most.

8. What would be a perfect day for you?
Sam home from work, kids on their best behavior, and going somewhere/doing something fun together. Not in Louisiana. Oh, wait, there’s nothing fun to do here, so it would HAVE to be somewhere else.

9. Where is your favorite place you have ever visited?
Disneyworld. How cheesy is that??

10. Name something you are really good at?
I do a mean load of laundry.

11. What are you most shallow about?
If I see you wearing a cape or a shirt air-brushed with a wolf, mythical or mystical creature, or anime, that will be a hurdle that we’ll have to overcome if we become friends.

12. What is something you’re a little bit conceited about?
I think recipe-wise, my food blog is at least as good as The Pioneer Woman’s. Yes, her pictures are better than my pictures (not speaking for Sara’s pics–they’re awesome!), but a sandwich on a bagel or a yogurt smoothie or a yogurt parfait AND they get hundreds of comments?? C’mon!

13. Name 3 things you are embarrassed to admit:
1. Cockroaches no longer horrify me. 2. Sometimes I dance when no one’s around. And believe me, if you’ve ever seen me dance, that’s pretty embarassing. 3. I giggle when I’m watching the Olympics and they talk about the breaststroke. Heh heh.

14. Tag 3 people:
Adriann, Kat, and Carly. And anyone else who wants to play.
14. Tag 3 people:

>Oooooh, I’ve Been Tagged!

20 May

>5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Watching all my friends graduate from high school
2. Getting ready to visit my sister in Washington, D.C.
3. For some reason, a trip to the Willow Park “Zoo” for German class keeps popping into my brain. I mean, it actually happened, I just don’t know why I keep thinking of it!
4. Finishing my junior year of high school.
5. Trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

5 things on my to do list:

1. Fold the laundry
2. Load the dishwasher
3. Cut out hearts for my Enrichment activity
4. Call Allstate and change our address…yes, 4 months after we moved from Utah.
5. Call girl in my ward back about getting our kids together to play on Wednesday

5 favorite snacks/food:

1. Oreos
2. Guacamole
3. Pico de gallo
4. Starbursts
5. Peanut butter and honey or grape jelly on toast with a big glass of milk

5 things I would do if I was a billionaire:

1. Pay off student loans
2. Buy my dream house
3. Take an awesome vacation (or maybe a couple of awesome vacations)
4. Buy Sam a vintage Mustang
5. Invest

5 bad habits:

1. Staying up too late and getting up too early; I want the best of both worlds!
2. Crashing in the middle of the day because I stayed up too late and got up too early
3. Wasting time on my blogs
4. Drinking Diet Coke first thing in the morning
5. Telling Clark, “Just a minute!” I must say that a million times a day.

5 places I have lived:

1. Louisiana
2. Provo, UT
3. Logan, UT
4. My mother’s womb
5. Heaven (Can you tell I haven’t lived too many places?)

5 people I tag:

1. Marcie J.
2. Britt
3. Carly
4. Nathaly
5. Suzette

>Tagged Again–All About Sam!

23 Feb

>What’s his name? Samuel Monroe

How long have you been married? Coming up on 7 years…

How long did you date? That’s a little blurry. I think we started sliding into datingness around Septemberish? And got married in May.

How old is he? Too old! 🙂 No, he’s 33.

Who eats more? Usually him.

Who said I love you first? Another blurry moment in time. I think I said it in a way like, “If you do that for me, I’ll love you forever!” and he interpreted that as moving on to the “I love you” stage. Not that I DIDN’T love him.

Who is smarter? It depends. I’m definitely smarter in English and language-related things. I’m also smarter in stuff like health and nutrition. Also, he can’t type. Sam is a born engineer, though. He gets math. I can’t visualize how components make a whole product in my head and that frustrates him to no end (and is also why I can’t sew anything very complicated. Or basically more than putting two pieces of fabric together.) He’s very logical–I call him Captain Literal. His super power is making obnoxious jokes out of me using a figure of speech. For example, a conversation like this occurs several times a day:

Kate: Hey, Sam, can I see the remote?
Sam: [Holding up the remote] Here, see?
Kate: Thanks, Captain Literal.

Whose temper is worse? I’m more likely to have a hormonally-induced meltdown, but generally, he’s more likely to get his panties in a twist over something stupid and insignificant.

Who does the laundry? Oh, heavens, me! I’m a super-sorter. Lights, darks, whites, and things like sheets, towels, etc. He thinks if it can’t be bleached, it can all go in together on warm.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? See, this is one of those envisioning questions I think about too much. If we’re lying on the bed, it’s me. If we’re facing the foot of the bed, Sam would be sleeping on my right.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Sam’s idea of a fancy dinner is Hamburger Helper. With or without the hamburger.

Who pays the bills? It’s a joint affair–I pay some, he pays some.

Who is more spoiled? Sam pretty much spoils both of us. I can’t spoil him because he has everything he wants.

Who drives when you are in the same car? Generally Sam. He’s a better driver and he gets nervous when I’m driving. And I get nervous when he’s in the passenger’s seat, thus making me drive worse. But on long trips, we usually switch. And if I pick him up, we don’t switch places or anything.

Who is more stubborn? We’re both stubborn, but I’d say he’s more stubborn.

Whose parents do you see the most? When we lived in Utah, we saw mine more often, but we’d see his parents for longer stretches of time. Right now, we don’t see anyone’s parents. Well, we see parents, they’re just not ours. See, Captain Literal has worn off on me!

Who proposed? Sam. Let’s not talk about the proposal.

Who has more friends? Well, if Star Wars action figures count as friends, Sam has more. Real life friends? Me.

Who has more siblings? Oh, you’ll never get an easy answer with Team Awesome. Sam has 6 siblings. I have 4 biological siblings and 7 with my step-brothers and step-sister. Since I think of them as my siblings, we’ll say I do.

Who wears the pants in the family? Depends on where we are. Sam doesn’t like to wear pants around the house. I mean that literally. He has a pair of stretchy pants that he calls “apartment pants.” He will wear those if absolutely necessary, like we have someone over at the house who is not one of his brothers. Actually, that’s a pretty good description of how things are run–I’m the director of operations of the house and children, he’s in charge of job things, cars, etc.

I tag…Jen! Kat! Manda!

>I’ve Been Tagged!

8 Feb

>Carolyn tagged me! Here we go…

Typical Time of wake-up: About 7. I want to get up earlier to work out and today I got up later because Sam had to leave really early for a meeting, so I didn’t get up with him today.

On a good night when do your kids go to sleep: By 8. I’d love for them to go to bed earlier, but that seems to be the earliest I can manage.

How long have you been a momma? Just over 3 years!

How many times have you been a new mom? Twice. Clark was born in 2005 and Meredith was born in 2007.

How old were you when you became a mom? 24 with Clark and 26 with Meredith.

Favorite kid’s show: Well, MY favorites are Charlie and Lola, Happy Monster Band, and The Koala Brothers. Clark loves Thomas and Friends, Bob the Builder, and Happy Monster Band.

Least favorite kid’s show: Ditto, Carolyn–we don’t watch Sponge Bob.

Favorite chore: I love cleaning the bathroom.

Least favorite chore: Yep, putting sheets on the crib. And I hate unloading the dishwasher.

Meal you cook most often: I make Tortellini Sausage Soup a lot.

Kids favorite meal: Meredith LOVES peas. Clark’s absolute favorite is macaroni and cheese–he’d eat it for every meal if we let him!

5 Things that make you smile about being a mom: Watching them discover everything for the first time, hearing the funny things they say, seeing them fall in love with each other, all the hugs and kisses, seeing them play.

Favorite thing your husband does with your kids: He’s really, really good with them.

Last time you went out with no kids: Sam and I went to Cloverfield (stupid!) when we were in Seattle.

If you could take your kids anywhere where would it be: Ohhhh…I dunno. Right now? Probably Disneyworld. A year from now? Probably to see family.

Favorite pastime/activity with your kids: Playing at the park, reading

One thing your mom did that you do now: I sing the same songs to my kids that she sang me

Favorite kids book: I love the Frances books.

Best advice for a new mom: Relax. Do what works for you. Stop comparing your kids to other kids.

Scariest or most heart-breaking moment as a mom: Last year, a girl I know took some pictures of Clark for his 2nd birthday and her little girl was really mean to Clark. I cried the whole way home because I realized I couldn’t protect him forever.

Most joyful moment as a mom: Giving birth, completely adoring your kids and seeing that in their eyes.

Last time your child told you he loved you: Clark tells me all the time, especially when he knows he’s in trouble… 😉

Last time you told your children you loved them: All the time! 🙂

I tag…Lisa, Candy, and sister-in-law Stephanie